Unleashing the writer in you

You have been dreaming that dream of being a writer.  Now the dream may keep changing – author of a book or/and a columnist in a newspaper or/and blogger in a website. Initially you maybe unsure of what to write, as tits and bits of ideas just float and swirl in the mind making it seem so confusing, so you do a bit of online search where you again enter the sea of information. In the sea of information, this article is like one wave which contains elements on how to unleash the writer in you.

Some of the experiences have been felt by writers at some point of time. The remedy is different for each writer as each person is unique yet the foundation on which writers build their expertise is similar. This series namely ‘Unleashing the writer in you’ contains the aspects of writing based on the experiences of writers, observance, reading and discussions. This particular article talks on getting pepped up on how to start your writing.
1) Getting ignited – This is when the heart inside you urges and stings you at different points of time that you have ‘it’ in you and your mind supports the heart by saying that you must start writing. Now, whatever be the push for you in pushing you to write – satisfying yourself to fulfill hobbies, becoming famous, earning money, showing off to friends and family, keep it ignited in you. Any dream for any reason will keep you pushing. Let the fire yearn within you and then it will push the physical being in you to start it. For now, just don’t worry for the consequences.
2) Getting started – Now that you have the energy, enthusiasm and a dream as vision in front of you, think what you should write. This is the time where you should do self analysis. As in the preparation of any entrance exam, you do analyze yourself on the strength and weakness, here too you have to. Check how is your current level of writing. Don’t panic if it is naive. Don’t be over confident if it’s advanced. Follow the below –
2.1) Do go through a basic grammar book to refresh the language concepts
2.2) Do read lots – If you have not read a book since long, start the habit of reading – Books, Magazines, Blogs, anything. And if you already have the habit of reading extensively – Good keep it up! And give a pat on your shoulder and kiss yourself.
2.3) Do observe the creative flow and writing style while you are reading. You will get an idea on the gaps and the strength. A The learning will be useful when you start your own writing.
3) Deciding the content – Now that you have trained yourself on some basics of writing, decide what are you writing on. Will it be a book, a blog, an article for a newspaper – whatever it is, listen to your heart and the urge inside you. Instincts most of the times tell you what you really want and should follow. Once you are decided, venture into it.
You get great ideas out of brainstorming and churning your brain. Your brain is a powerhouse of huge source of conscious and subconscious information accumulated out of experiences, observation and the mighty project that is Life. After getting a niche idea or a strong idea, you take the pen and paper or your laptop and set on the journey to write. And while you write, you feel you are out of ideas, ideas are not novel for your novel, inconsistent writing, lack of time or receding interest as you write. Such things happen but just don’t give up yet. Success comes with persistence, patience and hard work. Keep writing. While you struggle, you yourself will be pleasantly surprised as how you tackle each of the obstacle in the journey of writing if you keep the passion ignited.
There are two types of writing – ‘planned researched writing’ and ‘writing as you flow’.
3.1) Planned – There are writers who sketch, flowchart, create a skeleton of their writing, before they set on the content writing. They do extensive research and jot down the words, facts, situations they are going to use. Then only they work on their draft to develop content. It’s like creating the specification before you develop the software code.
3.2) As you flow – They are those writers who just plunge into writing. They write on the spot and they do the surf and research as and when they need, as they write.
Any writing type can be used based on what suits you or a mix of both can be suitable too.
4) Organizing raw materials – Gather your tools and equipment which will help you in writing.
4.1) Conventional way – Many writers still prefer the conventional way – pen and paper. You will need a good diary or notebook, pen, word dictionary, typewriter(if you need). One can also use some of the tools from the contemporary way.
4.2) Contemporary way – Many writers have migrated to the techno way – laptops, desktops, tablets with writer’s software. Ensure you have all the necessary software loaded on the machines before you start writing.
For both the ways, ensure you have a backup ready so that you don’t lose any of your precious information in case of an unexpected incident.
5) Deciding on workplace – Decide on your workplace. It should be where you can concentrate your best, getting away from the obstacles, from the disturbances while you write.  Choose one which suits you – which brings out your creativity, which brings out the words from your imagination to the document you are working on. It could be a secluded place where you love the serenity or it could be a noisy cafe where you observe people while you write or a beach where you feel the breeze when you write. Whichever place is apt for you, go for it. The workplace should be able to bring out the best in you. All your materials which you use for your writing should be placed in the workplace at your convenience and reach.
6) Focusing on Behavior – Say to yourself ” I’m a writer ” . Say it multiple times till it brings out a smile. Shed out the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of other people. Just focus on your thoughts, your hobbies, your passion. That’s it. You are the owner of yourself.
Note – This is my first blog post 🙂

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