Who is that special someone?


Who is that special someone?

All around, there are talks of the valentine month and as the most hyped day is nearing, few uninvited thoughts seeped in. As I ponder, I realize that in life, there are so many special persons.
It could be your family who has been with you since you opened your eyes to the world.
It could be your friends who stood by you no matter what you did to them wink emoticon
It could be your social network acquaintance who is always there to appreciate your work and update.
It could be your pets who love you unconditionally.
It could be someone who you have just interacted for a few minutes, but an immediate connection struck which would continue for a lifetime.
It could be someone who has extended any sort of favorable reciprocation to you.
It could be someone who makes you skip heartbeats when you talk to or see the person.
It could be someone who gave you an opportunity to help and feel good.
It could be someone whom you meet in an outing and return smiles.
It could be someone for whose texts, calls and updates you wait for day long.
It could be anyone who you want to fit in your life, in your own way.

We have so many special persons in our lives and should cherish the relationship with them. There is everyday and anytime for love, care and friendship.                         Dedicated to all the awesome special people!